Please note that our prices may vary based on the overall size and temperament of your pet, the condition and length of the coat, as well as the specific treatments that either you are requesting or we are recommending. A professional consultation will be given to you upon arrival for your appointment.


Where possible please try to ensure that your pet has had plenty of exercise and the opportunity to relieve themselves before they come to the grooming salon.


Pet grooming is a very labour intensive process with the average time for a standard groom taking between 90 and 120 minutes. If your pet’s coat is excessively matted we will have to spend more time de-matting and as a result, there will be an additional charge for the extra time taken to carry out this service.

We advise our customers that we reserve the right to refuse de-matting in some cases, or you might be asked you attend more than one session and for each session full charges apply.

Please note that de-matting has its own risks. If the matting is very close to the skin, the grooming process can cause grazing of the skin and in some cases even cuts.

Sniffles always recommends a shave off rather than de-matting as dogs will develop a dislike for the grooming process and groomers alike.

We wish to be a FLEA-FREE ZONE. So if fleas are found during the course of our work, we are obligated to you and to our other customers to perform our de-flea bathing treatment at an additional charge to cover the cost of the flea shampoo and also of treating the salon to prevent flea infestation afterwards.

We have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all the animals in our care, and so we recommend that every grooming guest be up-to-date on all their vaccinations.

Please remember that not all pets can receive grooming services. Your pet’s health, age and overall disposition can determine whether or not he/she will benefit from our services. We only offer services that are appropriate for you and your pet. You will be informed of any concerns upon arrival.

  • If your pet is elderly, suffering from any physical ailment, or under veterinarian care for a condition that could be worsened by grooming, you will be required to provide a written release.
  • If your pet is especially nervous, scared, or excitable, you can help your pet to feel more relaxed during their grooming service by giving them more playtime and exercise prior to their visit.
  • If a pet should become too agitated to be safely bathed or groomed, our staff will not attempt to force the service on your pet. We hold your pet’s welfare as our top priority.

Like any service industry we appreciate ample time to fill your appointment should you be unable to make it. We have limited availability; especially during peak service times such as Saturdays. Please provide a minimum 24-hr cancellation notice. Your failure to do so will result in advance payments requested for rescheduling, which if missed out again without appropriate notice, we will retain your payment to compensate for the loss of both appointments. We provide a courtesy text message in advance for your convenience. Appointments booked for the same day service are likewise subject to our Cancellation/No-Show Policy.

Your appointment is reserved for your pet. If you are running late, please call us. Your appointment timeslot will be held for a maximum of 20min. If you arrive later than 20min for your scheduled appointment time, we will have to reschedule the appointment. Please understand that when you are late it affects our ability to provide timely service for all of our other clients that day

Our opening hour are 10-6pm. Pickups after 6pm will incur a late pickup fee! Our late pickup fees are charged at £5 for every 15 minutes.

1. Program Overview:

The Good Boy/Girl Club is a loyalty program offered by Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa, herein referred to as "Sniffles." By enrolling in this program, members agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

2. Membership and Eligibility

a. Membership in The Good Boy/Girl Club is valid for one year.
b. Each member is entitled to 8 grooms per year, scheduled at intervals of 6 weeks.
c. Membership is non-transferable and must be used by the enrolled dog.

3. Appointment Policies

a. Members must provide a minimum of 48 hours' notice to reschedule or cancel a grooming appointment.
b. Failure to provide the required notice will result in the loss of the scheduled appointment.

4. Grooming Services

a. The membership covers standard grooming services only.
b. Any additional services, such as de-matting, will incur extra fees, which must be paid on the day of the groom.

5. Payment and Billing

a. Payment for The Good Boy/Girl Club must be made via direct debit or standing order.
b. Members are required to make payments one month in advance.
c. Failure to maintain timely payments will result in the cancellation of the membership.

6. Expiry and Rollover:

a. The membership is valid for one year from the date of enrollment.
b. Unused grooming sessions cannot be rolled over to the next year and will expire at the end of the membership term.

7. Cancellation:

a. Members may cancel The Good Boy/Girl Club membership by providing one month's notice.
b. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing or via email to Sniffles.
c. Members remain responsible for any outstanding payments until the end of the notice period.

8. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

Sniffles reserves the right to modify or update these terms and conditions. Members will be notified in advance of any changes.

9. Agreement Acceptance:

By enrolling in The Good Boy/Girl Club, members acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in the termination of membership.
For any inquiries or concerns regarding The Good Boy/Girl Club, please contact Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa customer service.